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Adrift in Spacetime

I’ll just start singing. Always makes me feel better, since I sometimes like the sound of my own singing….lol.

I’m sorry I’m just having another break down at the moment. Didn’t realise how bad my weight had really gotten lately. I just can’t force myself to stand, my life has taken a turn for the worst. I’m seriously considering quitting cosplay because of this. Not at least until I lose weight which I’m failing miserable.

Why the fuck CAN’T I JUST DO THINGS TO MAKE MYSELF BETTER? FUCK WHY WHY WHY I just have a hard time getting up all the time because my life is so shitty. I’m constantly surrounded by wonderful, supportive and awesome people and here’s this one shitstain on their lives.

Just need to justify what it would take to force myself to get up and do something. I surround myself in excuses and never take action. I am really pathetic aren’t I?


So, basically Kill La Kill is like Sonic Adventure 2


Like I give a fuck


New Sonic Boom Screenshots featuring some new power ups and items



Pokemon, Sonic, Portal, Skyrim, Vocaloid, Halo and the odd thing here and there.

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